Upcoming Workshops and Events

Upcoming Workshops

2018 STUDIO  Workshops

The away classes - which include the two last Resist classes - as well as available weekend dates for workshops here at my studio are listed below.  More information will be added as I have time.

How my studio workshops work:  The three weekend topics I teach here at my studio.  The Resist Class is especially nice as all my tools are here for you to use. If you want to attend one of the workshops, find available dates on the list and email me your request (or email me for longer workshops or middle of week dates). It's pretty much 'first come, first served'.  Just pick a date and tell me what what you want to learn. If you are the only person - hurrah -private class!!
2018 STUDIO Classes 
Studio workshop classes are held at my studio in West Asheville, NC.  It is easy to find, parking is off road, restaurants are within walking distance and several hotels are within easy access. Stairs are involved and I do have a cat!

Classes are limited to 1- 4 people for ease of working space and personal attention. Private classes are also available by request.  We start teaching at 10 am and continue to 5 pm with a short break for lunch - which you may bring or order out from the nearby WALK restaurant.

The daily fee is $140 (2 days $280) plus a supply fee (all materials and handouts) depending on the class topic (usually around $20-25/day). All supplies and tools are furnished.
Please write for more information and to register. 

Workshops Available:

1.  Two Day Class -Resist Dyeing Hand Felted Wool
This is my most popular workshop! Spend two whole days resist dyeing 12 book sized felt samples with incredible colors and patterns.  Dye Master will prepare and maintain 9 different dyebaths each day. We will be using Merino Needle Punch batts which we will felt first thing in   class.  Chad's whole giant collection of resist tools will be at your fingers.  No experience necessary. 

1a. I am redesigning a felt covered journal that will be available as a class topic with a one day resist class starting in February.

2. Two Day Class - The Perfect Notebook & My Favorite Sketchbook
This exciting class will introduce you to two wonderful bookbinding techniques - and they both will incorporate textiles as the covers! We will learn to make tea stained pages for a Perfect Bound Notebook and create a hard cover, flat opening Favorite Sketchbook; 
You'll learn all the steps of beginning book making from folding and tearing pages to transforming fabric into book covers to stitching and finishing. All supplies furnished. All levels                                        
NOTE: If you want to bring your own quilt weight fabric, please feel free.  A fat quarter will be more than enough and I also provide boxes of fabrics from which you may chose.

3. Two Day Class - The Airey Fairy & Resist Shaped Bark Scarves
The Airey Fairy
Fabulous for both the harshest winds of winter or during a major fashion show -  this scarf will solve all your winter woes and banish those dreary grey days. We will use your choice of my hand dyed fine merino roving and learn to lay out and hand felt this lovely lattice scarf.
The Shape Resist Bark Scarf
Art for your neck! Learn to felt a full size fine merino scarf starting with a needle punch batt and then an ancient Japanese resist stitching method (but with a modern twist) to create bark-like texture and patterns. You will learn to do two different resists with two different dyepots creating wonderful gradations and color mixtures.
DATES: 2018
Jan:   6-8
         16 - Bullington Garden Workshop 
                 "My Favorite Sketchbook" 
                  Contact John Murphy - jmurphy@ncsu.edu
Feb:   3-4
Mar:   2-7 - Felters Retreat, Estes, CO
                   Resist Dyeing and Felt/leather book - 2nd Class just opened
                   Contact - info@thefeltingsource.com
          11-16 - John C Campbell Folk School, Brasstown, NC
                    "Books with a Textile Twist"
                    Contact - www.folkschool.org
April:  7-8
May:   5-6
June:  2-3
           11-15 - Pacific Northwest Art School, Coupeville, WA
                       "Books with a Textile Twist"
                        Contact - Lisa@pacificnorthwestartschool.org
July:    1-6 - John C Campbell Folk School, Brasstown, NC
                    "Splendid Felt Fragments - Beading and Stitching on Handmade & 
                     Dyed Felt"
                    Contact - www.folkschool.org
           23-27 - Pro Chem - Fall River, MA
                        "Resist Dyeing On Felted & Woven Wool"
                        Contact - Vickie@prochemical.com
Aug:     11-12
             26-1    Sievers School of Fiber Arts, Washington Island, WI
                         1. "Sketchbooks" (aug 27-29)
                          2. "Tiny Book Necklaces" (aug 30 - sept 1st)

Sept:     9-14 - John C Campbell Folk School
                       "Sketchbooks for all Reasons"
                       Contact - www.folkschool.org
Oct:    1-6 - Art & Soul Creative Retreat, Virginia Beach,VA
                     1. My Favorite Sketchbook
                     2. The Perfect Little Notebook
                     3. To be announced
                     Contact - www.artandsoulretreat.com
           19-20 - (The Fall Show of the Craft Guild of the Southern Highlands, 
                     Asheville, NC) tentative
           25-28- SAFF (Southeast Animal Fiber Fair), Asheville, NC
                        1. TBA Class
                        2. TBA Class
                        3. TBA Class
Nov:    1 - Life is A Verb Conference, Patti Digh, Kanuga, NC
                   "The Wonderful Airey Fairy Scarf"
           17-18 - The Voorhees Family Art Show, Asheville, NC
Dec:   1-2     



  1. Hi Chad,I live in Australia, do you have any Workshop DVD's?

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  3. Hi there,

    Any plans to teach in the NYC metropolitan area?


  4. Hi. Chad! I just wanted to tell you how much influence you had in my Fiber/Textile career. I attended a felting workshop with you back in the late 80's-early 90's at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, Fiber Dept. headed by Professor Paulette Myers. I ran across this blog & quickly was taken back to that workshop of which I was so inspired! We sometimes don't take the time to give thanks/accolades to those who deserve it. I love your work of all media. Hope you get this comment. I'm researching blogs & artists that have influenced my art life & creating my own blog to inform, educate, inspire other artists needing that kind of spark through other artists I deem great! Thank you if I didn't thank you then, you are special in my heart & mind!