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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A Return to the Land of Low Laying Cloud
A view of the new garden from downstairs porch

For those who may think I'm still doing good on my promise to change my life and move to Seattle - I must mention that I have returned to the dear mountains of North Carolina, forever thankful that I did not sell my house in West Asheville.  For those who never thought I left, well, we need to go out for beers more often.   And for myself, I am returning to enjoy the slow moving morning heat, to pick up not where I left off two years ago, but at some point between now and then, hopefully with a clearer vision of how I will spend the last 20 years of my sweet, wild life.

I have been amiss for neglecting this blog, but I have been gardening with a vengeance.  Gone are two years of frantically growing weeds now replaced by a new garden addition of a garlic field and onion patch.  I have gone far beyond what I have ever done to that tiny, life saving hosta bed.

I have thought much about writing this blog, yet it is late and I have been working on the "Upcoming Workshops" page which has bested me. I need a gin & tonic badly, and a sit down in front of the TV. But important notes: Leon is still with me, my teacher of the cat nap.
Leon sleeping on edge of my journal
 And I have been working on new felt objects

And I am, or will be shortly, teaching in my studio again.  Current classes are listed.  And a new feature of my studio life is that I have scheduled regular monthly Resist Dye weekends.  I will be working and teaching on those days and if you want to come as a beginner to learn or as an experienced resist dyer needing to replenish your supplies of lovely felts, I'll be glad to see you!

So until I write again, I hope you are doing well.
Thanks for keeping your little photo in that "following" area.


  1. Well, always fun to see something new here (so we'll stay)

    LOVE the new felted pieces !
    (ha, and the garden gnomes)

    1. Thanks Els. I'll try to write down all the stories that swirl around my head when I should be working on something that will actually pay the mortgage and feed me, but I could certainly use a few weeks of low calories! Those lovely but aging gnomes always remind me of Holland.

  2. As a gal who loves dearly my Floyd, VA mountain home place and who also left for some greener looking pastures that proved not so, welcome back!! I know there are reasons we leave but what always lures me back are these mountains. I miss them terribly in my gut and heart after I've left so when I returned 38 years ago I promised myself never to leave them again. There are other places I visit but I am not so foolish now as to think any pastures are more green than the ones outside my door. Welcome home!

    1. Thank you! I appreciate this area so much more now.

  3. Thanks Marysu. I certainly have gained an appreciation for these green hills and having that green garden for digging around. Its been a wet spring but everything is in peak condition including my one old maple tree which was in danger of losing a few limbs. Now new life all around.

  4. I just learned you posted and were back in town.....yeah......I will def. be checking out your resist weekends....if only to hang with the expert!!