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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Saving the World

I don't understand this daylight savings time stuff.  Someone once explained it to me as a way that farm kids could bring in the crops before going to school but that made no sense, especially now that it should be spring and my garden is as cold and hard as my unsprung heart.

I woke at 5:30 am this morning and it was black outside. No glimmer of light anywhere, not even from squinted-shut headlights of those so unfortunate to have extremely important jobs that required them to be up in this blackness.   I wandered the house for about .5 minutes and then went back to bed, pulling up the covers and feeling a failure for choosing to return to the womb when I really wanted to work on something. But it was too dark to work.  I got depressed, unusual for me but I am taking some sort of medication that has depression as a side effect as well as growing warts on the side of my nose (which hasn't happened yet, mostly because its too dark to see them).

So depressed!  I wondered what time the sun would be coming up or worst yet.... what if today the sun would not bother to rise at all!  Would people continue their daily routines hoping that someone would fix it sooner or later, like a great big burned out light bulb in the sky. (How many earths would it take to change the sun bulb?)

Those thoughts continued to depressed me further but I figured that my iPhone would have the answer as it always seems to have one since I started to use the solitare game for a divination device a few months ago.  Find an app for sunrise...and there it is... sunrise and sunset anywhere in the world even if one is on the wrong side of a mountain...99 cents.  I pressed all the right thingies but the damn thing would not take my new password.  And new passwords are everything to me now since my phone was hacked a week ago.  What stupid pile of paper had the apple ID, the iCloud ID, the ID for life, anything.  Nothing worked. 

I crawled out of bed and went to the giant computer in the dark office and looked up help for the iPhone.  I really wanted a help button for the old and tired and depressed and wanting to just cry in frustration at one more damn thing not working just to spite me in this darkness, this first day when the sun may never come up and I don't have the right password for the sunrise calculator to see if it would ever rise again type of crying-sobbing-frustration.

Apparently there are many like-minded folks that have looked for that special sobbing button as I did find some very simple worded directions for resetting passwords on devices other than the original computer because despite all the money and time I spent trying to set up iCloud one thing it doesn't do is change all the passwords on other devices to which it is connected.  So as I waited for something or the other to sync (brain and/or computer) I read an incoming email about how to be happy and living in the moment. Decided they didn't care to know the world could be on the brink of ending and I just didn't want to be in that moment. They were deleted with a vicious
jab of the pointer finger about that time the password started to work. I grabbed the phone and tried the sunrise app again as it was still black as a coal mine at midnite and I am getting worried about my theory of the end of the world seeming to becoming real.

The passwords and email and other secret letters worked and they took my 99 cents and the app opened and asked where I was, which was real nice as I really had no idea and there it was - the time of the sunrise and I could read it because just then a great beam of sunlight lit up the phone like a laser pointer from Belinda the good witch!

Could I take credit for saving the world this morning?  Sure I can in my secret little soul. Somedays, like this morning, saving the world is enough to push aside drug induced depressions and allow me to twirl and dance around the kitchen in gratitude for the sun.


  1. Thank you,Chad for making the sun rise today.

  2. Phew. Thank heavens you found the right button. I was runing out of candles.

  3. OK, sorry but I had a good laugh reading your blog! See, you put sunshine in my life!! Thanks! Hope tomorrow morning/sunrise will be better for you! Stay up later so you'll not wake until the sun comes up!

  4. what Andrea said. i was running out of candles.

  5. Thanks folks!
    I am happy to mention that today the sun came up of it's own accord so I have faith that the rest of the world will straighten itself out as well!

  6. this is brilliant totally b...y brilliant thank you as we are waking up in the dark here too in the last few weeks of daylight saving in the Land Down Under

  7. I think you should get all the credit for saving the world. And since you did, please come back to San Antonio soon!