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Monday, January 14, 2013

Down for the Count...

Sunday morning, 70 degrees and sunny on the porch! Look, a shadow!
It ain't the flu, 'cause ah ain't got the fever.  But it is a cold that whacks you on the side of your head and lays you down on a fluff of used kleenex and cough drop wrappers.  And you stay down for two weeks. Or more... So I'm late with this blog post, hell, I'm late with everything I promised for the last week and half, but I have mastered the fine art of coughing without breaking any ribs.

I really was worried about this cold as it started just after I got my flu shot, and although I could and did easily sink into the curing rhythm of bed rest and hot teas, I did have a class to teach last weekend here at my house and one dear student was already on her way flying in from Boston.  I drank gallons of hot herbal tea, stood under hot showers every 3 hours, and inhaled vitamin C.  I recovered enough to teach a a fun resist dyeing class to three fabulous students and welcomed in the beginning of the 2013 teaching season.     

Aha, I thought.  I have survived that dread virus.  And decided to celebrate by eating a fairly tasteless reuben sandwich and sleeping out on the porch on the last night of the unseasonally warm weekend weather.  It was a delightful evening, bundled up in wooly blankets, listening to intermittant rain showers.  But in the morning, groan...energy level - flat, below flat_________.  I just couldn't move except for short search and rescue missions for coffee, hot tea, another sweater and my journal. 
Kitty Leon burrowed in to provide warmth and a headrest for my journal
So I guess I have to resign myself to a few more days of bed rest and gallons of water based beverages. My sense of humor is gone.  I'm starting to research hermit themed home decor.  I'm sick of television except for PBS and Downton Abbey, but how many episodes of Victory Garden can I sit through? I looked in the mirror this morning and all my hair was sticking straight up...and I didn't care!  Soon, though, I know I will pop up once again like a demented toaster and get back to my beloved lists and piles of paper.  Next week is my class with Master Book Maker Dan Essig at John C Campbell folk school.  I need a brain by then.
Leon warming my porch bed.


  1. I beg to disagree...Your sense of humor is still intact ;-) I'd really be worried about you if that were gone! Hope you're feeling better soon and full of vim and vigor for your master book class.

  2. Hi Chad...I just had to say I love so much the picture of your cat on the bed with the window in the background and the tree outside...the whole picture is like a painting...so very interesting and rich! Keep blogging even though you are behind. You are inspiring me with my goals. Give yourself a grace period to get up to snuff and don't feel guilty...and soon those desired weekly blogposts will flow effortlessly from your fingertips and you'll have a wonderful record of 2013!