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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

50 Shades of Gray Clouds

I'm feeling a great deal of guilt after proclaiming a weekly blog post and now I'm two weeks behind. I just added this new apt and have given it permission to control everything in my life just so I can post this while in the airport on my second(delayed) leg of a centipede trip to holland.

Gray, gray skies...high,high winds ...I'm watching planes taking off waggling their wings like they're sending me messages..."go home. Put your head under your pillow. Put your journal on the porch ledge and drink your hot tea..." Just like the above photo I took this morning just before a massive blast of wind threatened to suck me up out of my cozy bed and send me to Europe sans plane.

Since poking at this iPhone with sticky fingers (dried ginger and pineapple treats) is proving as tedious as listening to the updated delay announcements, I'll leave you with this photo of the results of my advanced medieval book class with Dan Essig and try this apt on my iPad. Plus this part of the waiting area is getting as dark grey as those clouds...those planes...my mood. I see that the bar is much brighter and cheery.


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  1. Good on ya, Chadley, for trying every [Medieval?] option available.
    Hope you made it to wherever you're going...unscathed AND fortified!

  2. Hi Chad...I got a kick out of your spell of app...you wrote apt. Just remember app stands for application. Maybe also for Apple as in Steve Jobs brain child.
    Hope you have a great time in Holland.