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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Something Wonderous This Way Comes...

Morning coffee on Lopez island
Yes indeed, the fair month of October is upon us.  This used to be my favorite month of the year because I loved the way one can write it out with a scratchy pen on paper...wonderful pen journeys around those "o"s.  Now I just feel scratchy.

The Wonderous Things Coming of this blog title include, FINALLY,  the Fall and Winter Workshop Classes held here at my cozy West Asheville studio.  They are listed in full color on the "Upcoming Workshops" page right above this post.  The first one will be held this coming weekend, the big two day resist dyeing blowout.  I'm already starting today because I am so excited to be back in the downstairs studio.  I've cleared off the big tables of their fall overcoat of the "100 Things To Get Rid Off" week.  Some objects are waiting for a warm Saturday Flea Market, some are awaiting for Goodwill and others are in limbo and will likely continue to linger there until my next manic stage of housecleaning.

My first project this week will be the long awaited fruit sugar Indigo vat of Michele Garcia.  I have a new scarf design which will make use of that deep, deep Indigo blue. And my eyes and soul are also in deep, deep need of the magic of Indigo. 

But before I can start on the fun stuff, I need to arrange and put await the last away workshop's collection of rusty tools, packaged dyes, left over wool.  Teaching is more than the days spent with eager students.  For every day teaching, I have to count on one day of prep and one day of after-cleaning.  A five day class is really 15 days of work. Well, maybe 12.  And I'm a slug on that cleaning.  I need to wash out all the dye pots that have been patiently waiting for months...and months.  If they could cry, they would be sobbing over my indifference.  But then if they could cry, they would be washed already! I have put my skills and energies into learning how to stack and condense amazing amounts of dirty dye pots and equipment rather than vigorously scrubbing them when they come into the studio.

Other Wonderous Stuff...check out the difference between these two meals.  One was a delish burger and fries consumed on my way home from Lopez Island this summer.  The other is of my new  debut of actually cooking with vegetables instead of buying them, arranging them nicely in the refrigerator and decorative bowls and a few weeks later dumping them into the compost.  I am on a 12 week program which hopefully will retune my brain to eating regularly - and eating healthy foods.  They say that if you do anything for three months it most likely will become a habit.

This program started with a Detox week of only veggies.  It was and continues to be a shock to me that so much can be made out of these lovely piles of greens and reds.  The first day I ate all 5 meals of raw, crunchy things. (ICK) Now I remember making soups, smoothies, salads, steamed green things - all learned from my spotted past working in natural food stores.  Funny how the brain becomes selective with past memories and usually only remembers those lovely dinners of low cal microwave popcorn and a good G&T - or two.
On the work front, I am making lots of fabric covered Perfect Bound notebooks.  This I learned from my honored teacher Dan Essig.  I increased the size, did a few marvelous changes and made the covers from my old hand printed fabrics from 1995 Penland days. (Actually I found those fabrics while in the middle of the above mentioned 100 Objects-get-rid-a-thon).  These notebooks will be on Etsy soon and at my last two Fall shows coming up (SAFF and Voorhees Family Art Show).  It's exciting to be in production with a new book and new products never fail to give me renewed energy to last out the year.

And since I DID mention that I am working in the wet studio these days, I better get down there, but a few more Wonderous Items to come our way....
Downton Abby Returns!!!
After 4 weeks I can drink wine again!!


  1. Did you say, 'In production with a new book'? ;-) Anything that you can divulge? Inquiring minds want to know;-))

  2. Lovely Perfect Bound notebooks!
    Let's move to London so we can watch the new Downtown Abbey right now.

  3. I'll check my mailbox for the airline ticket you'll be sending me shortly!! Mr. Bates Lives!!!