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Friday, March 16, 2012

Finding Unexpected Joys

early morning surprises
It is exquisite and achingly beautiful just outside my window; full blown spring, temperatures in the 70's, sun full of vitamin D, bugs floating in shadows.  And here I sit determined to catch up with computer-paper.  I've totally given up on the taxes and sales taxes and requests for information I didn't even know I possessed. That's Not a surprise!

A real surprise came from a wonderful friend on Lopez Island, Christie Carter  who has passed on a blogging award - The Liebster Award!  Of it she writes... "in the spirit of fostering new connections, the idea of the Liebster Award is to bring attention to blogs with less than 200 followers.  Just a few rules for the recipient which come with acceptance of the award:

*Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them. (check)
*Copy & paste the award onto your blog.(check)
*Reveal your own five picks for the award & let them know by leaving them a comment on their blog.(check)
* Have faith that the love will spread...(future check)"

She also wrote that I did need to write more often.  She probably knows I need constant encouragement and treats to do so!

So here are my picks for passing on the Liebster Award:

Elis Vermeulan - who writes about and photographs her work building global burrows of wool and is included in my list of fabulous women with whom I won't mind being stranded on an island.
Mendy Knott - Writer and poet extraordinare now sending out wisdom and encouragement from the Ozark Mountains.
leigh Wilkerson - Changing the earth/dirt one garden at a time.
Jane Dunnewold -  Smart, wise, fabulous artist and has a great tattoo.

Now some of these blogs are slightly over the 200 follower limit and that is most likely due to my slug-like behavior of not posting this blog months ago when Christie sent me the award. But there you are. And here I am for the rest of the day...

the dye studio
the resist work
the book studio


  1. taxes eh? i just did mine...for the financial year up to July 11. now facing another giant box of paper for current year. envying your small and elegant piles of paper. if you need light relief, there's a lovely YOUtube of Bernard Black fashioning a most creative garment from his documents...

  2. grinning.. we better find us an island.
    thanks for that one.