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Friday, January 13, 2012

The Passing of Days

Let's Roll...
I'm ready to admit that 2012 is here to stay and the days are no different than, say 2010.  But my body wants to stay curled up in that fetal position, a giant mound hidden by at least 3 feather comforters, safe and warm and totally mindless in my bed.

It doesn't help my general disposition that I got an ipad for the holiday (gift from myself...) and discovered Netflix in the next 10 minutes.  I can justify the hours of watching all those BBC programs because, um, ah...well, there is no justification, really.  I just wanted to wallow.

And then, probably because of the tiny background images of England seen between spies shooting each other on on MI5,  I start thinking of being elsewhere.  Anywhere elsewhere.  I start to notice each morning when I  get up around 10 am and fix the coffee, that the day is noticeably brighter. I stumble to the mailbox to find L.L. Bean catalogs and start drooling over a new red toiletry bag.  I wonder about hiking boots and if I really need sunglasses in the lower Alps.  I discover the calender app on the iPad  and start sketching out my year.  I develop an addiction to walking 10 miles every week and find that the best self encouragement is checking out the clothing worn by the runners who pass me several times on my daily 3 mile waddle.  I firmly believe that if I dress like a runner, I will be a runner. (or a weiner)

At that point, 2012 really starts for me.  Each small decision engenders another.  I have decided to forgo my annual spring trip to Holland and visiting my good pal Joke and instead sign up for classes - an advanced book binding class, a week of papermaking, a week with Michel Garcia on natural dyes.
The calendar is filling up, my teaching schedule has form.  I have the dates of the workshop schedules held here at my studio figured out. And that is the point of this blog post really, but I just finished my really, really good coffee and I become hopelessly entangled in words and images.

Below are the dates for workshops at my private studio in West Asheville for 2012.  Other dates may become available.  Please check my Blog (under workshops) for any additions. 

Workshops for the 2012 season will be two days instead of one.
The extended time will give everyone more time to think, ponder and work on the processes.  We may have dinner together between the two days to give us more time to talk.  And we'll be able to have extended time in the studio that evening and the next morning.  

Since many students come from out of town and have to get a hotel for a night, coming for a two day class makes more sense.  I'll be able to offer bookmaking and other topics that take longer than one rushed day.  
The cost for the two day workshops is $250.  This covers everything you will use in the class.  (wool, paper, dyes and chemicals, handouts and use of tools, etc.).  Additional wool, books and other supplies are available for purchase for home use.
If you wish to register for a workshop please email me to see if there is space.  Classes are small, four students. If there room, you will need to send a $50 deposit to hold your place.

The deposit is nonrefundable. If you are unable to come to that particular class but notify me at least three weeks before the class date, your deposit will be applied to a future class.  If you cancel 5 days before the class and I am unable to find a replacement for your spot, the deposit is forfeited. If you do not show up for the class, the deposit is forfeited. 
Workshops will run from 9am - 6pm (or so) on Saturday and 9am to 4 or 5 pm on Sunday). Other dates during the week may be available if groups would like to have a private workshop.  If you can only do a one day class, there may be ways we can organize that.  Please email for more information.

Bring your lunch. There is a lot of standing involved for most classes. There are stairs to use to get to the bathroom and lunch sitting areas.  I have two cats that may visit you but they generally go back to sleep.
Possible Workshop topics:
Resist Dyeing on Felt - two day blow out
The Mokume Bark Scarf and The Airey Fairey Hand Felted Scarf
Resist Dyeing (day one) and Bookmaking  - Quick Wrap Journal
Bookmaking - The Coptic Miniature Book
Resist dyeing and Felted Brooches

February 18-19th, 2012 Saturday and Sunday
Resist Dyeing (day one) and Bookmaking  - Quick Wrap Journal
            It's the fabulous Resist Dye Workshop! We will be felting and dyeing merino needle punch felt batts creating dozens of beautiful samples.  Learn how to set up a safe dye kitchen and even have the chance to be the Dye Master.  Discover the resist design opportunities in everyday objects as we dye and re-dye the felt.
And then we'll use that glorious felt to create fabulous long stitch bound blank books for travel journals, daily thoughts, sketchbooks or, well, anything.

March 17-18th, 2012
 The Mokume Bark Scarf and The Airey Fairey Hand Felted Scarf
            This two scarf class will start by students dyeing their own merino roving and needlepunch batts with Dry Dye Powder dyeing.  Then we will learn to felt the batt and stitch it with a traditional Japanese resist stitching method called Mokume to create a bark-like design and texture and re-dye the scarf in a resist dye bath.  The next day we will learn to lay out the dyed merino roving and wet felt the beautiful Airey Fairy scarf.
April 7-8th, 2012
Resist Dyeing on Felt - two day blow out
            Spending a day resist dyeing dozens of felt samples with incredible colors and patterns is a day spent it heaven!  Now imagine TWO days!  Enough said.

June 23-24, 2012
Studio Workshop - West Asheville

July 28-29, 2012
Studio Workshop - West Asheville

September 22-23, 2012
Studio Workshop - West Asheville

November 24-25, 2012
Studio Workshop - West Asheville