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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What's da Madder?

Howdy to All...and my deepest apologies for being probably the worst blogger in the history of blogging. And I can't even say that I'm going to write anything here -  as I am deep in (again) prep work for the Southeastern Animal and Fiber Fair (SAFF) coming up, like, well, tomorrow. (GASP!)

But I have been thinking of writing, like all those would be famous and talented writers out there who plan, arrange and write all in their heads, fully intending to use paper or in this case, this keyboard to put those great thoughts and plans down in solid form - someday.
After SAFF, I shall be the best blogger ever (now there's a goal) and fill you all in on the travels and troubles of a working day.  I am VERY excited about my new direction in dyeing - natural dyes - and the new brain cells that are growing to help learn all that chemistry.  Still being a book binder, still teaching thither and yon, still complaining about just about everything, and still making major changes to an already complicated and fearsome life.

As you may note in the photo above, those with eagle eyes, that is me way in the back (pleaseee!!!!) selling off about 5000 books so I could convert my so called
"living room" into a studio.  Many folks came by and asked what I was going to be selling next week, somehow mistaking me for a full time flea market vendor.  (Jane says, "How could you blame them, looking the way you do!")  Well, it was hot and the neighboring career vendor lent me a straw hat.  And was it my fault my apron said "Bite Me"?

But this is where I should be - early morning coffee, homemade raspberry jam on Cousin Marion's toast and my daily list of impossible to finish tasks - on the screen porch which is mercifully somewhat free from Stink Bugs these days.
More later!


  1. Good to see you here, Chad, no madder what you write about! dang, that toast looks good.


  2. well, hope you sold a lot of books and have fun on the fair !
    (funnt hat and great apron ;-) !!!)

  3. I shall look forward to all of your hundreds of blog posts that will be filling my "inbox" on a regular basis.

    Love the photo of you above...And, so wish that I could have attended your book sale...Of course, then I would have had to convert my studio into a library...Hmmmmm.

    Hope you have a great time at SAFF. Wish I were attending;-)