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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Not Dead, just Sleeping...

things I have been doing

I have been thinking, all these long winter months.  Thinking of which comfy chair should I take a nap, thinking of how many duvets and wooly blankets I would like to pile on top of my bed, thinking of warmth and wondering if the spring and summers I remember were really just a nice dream or remembrances of a movie I once saw.  I don't do winter well at all.  I do hibernation very well.
first drawing of my on-line class with Jane Lafazio

I did sign up for an on-line drawing in public class to get me out of the house and into the world of  chilly social living.  I bought paper and pens, and of course, had to figure out just the right containers for pencils that would fit into the just right art bag.  I love preparing for things.  It took days to get it all perfect.  I started with the above drawing of keys - our first assignment - the day before it was due. It took me four hours but I figured that was fine since I was entering a new phase of my artistic career.

I did do lesson #2 along with Jane and Susie Voorhees who were also taking the class.  Since it was in a cafe and we had coffee I was happy.  Lesson #3 was done about a week after it was due.  Lessons #4, #5, and #6 I have saved on my computer.  I just moved all my drawing tools, bags, paper, special brushes, bags and my three drawings out of the sunroom and back into the upstairs studio so that I can start on my taxes.  That's fine since I am entering a new phase of aggravation.

lovely upcycled leather mini books
I am still making books, or thinking about making books.  It's true.  I have moved some of the cat hair off my upstairs studio desk and found some new containers for things like pins, pens, pencils...  Did I mention that I love to prepare for things?

Teaching has been done in the midst of snow and chilly blasts - guilds in Boulder and in Potomac and a Winter Retreat right here in Asheville which was a bit blemished by the fact that the airlines lost my bags full of teaching stuff and the recent snowfall kept my ("no, it isn't a four wheel drive! Why would I get that?") SUV at the bottom of my driveway.  I was able to teach my last class on Sunday and found some fabulous buttons from a vendor which I used on several books. (instead of putting them in the special cabinet full of drawers that I got to organized my buttons and closures).
I really have excuses for not keeping up with a blog - the computer and all it's brain suck stuff -  Facebook, email, blogs of others, blogs of mine, paying bills, finding cheap stuff, looking at uTube, learning Twitter, finding some cool shoes, and the latest techno-shock to my remaining brain cell - my new iphone with the attendant Apps for everything except doing the dishes.
no app for cooking either
But the sun has been out. I saw it and took a picture with my iPhone.  I have been sleeping once again on the porch now that the danger from any stink bugs is gone.  I am finding a few in the home but they are mostly dead due to my deadly brain waves directed at them last fall. (I think that I am sounding a bit like Charlie Sheen!!) I am very happy that flowers are coming up, crocuses are blooming and I can stretch and yawn like the big northern hemisphere hiberating bear that I am.  All those patient people awaiting photos and class descriptions and any other requests of the last 3 months will be rewarded as soon as I can get some more cool plastic containers to organize the paperwork and get a new fountain pen with a tiny nib that I found on line and make a leather bound book in which to list all my lists and I learn the iphone "notes" app.


  1. Haha Chad you make me laugh I too hate winter love the heat abd am going crazy following the speed of my new iphone and apps.

  2. many good apps on the iPhone [to which i am a relatively recent convert]...all those lovely tricks with photos, for example
    no dishwashing. or floor sweeping
    folding of sheets

  3. Hello, you have done a lot of things this winter and for all; you have living! Welcome back on the blog.

  4. Darn you posted this only hours ago.. not stalking you.. really I am not.:)
    Are you interested in maybe some of the special buttons, I can bring them when we go out for a coff..beer?
    They are Dutch.. well most.. ánd as xtra bonus you can make or buy a special container for them.
    take care

  5. Chad--I can't wait to see your new shoes!! I bought some slammin' short boots while I was visiting Dawn in Michigan. They are moss green and look a little bit like a forest elf might wear them!! Hugs--

  6. ah! welcome back! thanks for the mention of me and my class, and your key painting is sooo wonderful!