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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Workshop in Heaven - The Pacific NorthWest Art School

Fort Casey Beach, and look, there's me standing in front of our workshop building!
This just in - the wrong price was posted in the PNWAS catalog!  
Now this fabulous workshop is much cheaper!

I can't believe I am hunched over here in North Carolina, on March 16th, and I am dreaming of sitting on this fab-u-lous stone and pebble strewn beach - a Pacific Ocean beach - on Whitby Island next August 29 to September 1st.  Aren't you jealous!!  Ah Ha!! You don't have to be because you can join me here with the warm waves tickling our feet as we stitch awesome felted books all day long.

This Workshop in Heaven is The Pacific NorthWest Art School's little annex at Fort Casey on Whitby Island right near Seattle. I'll be teaching the ever changing and fabulous Resist Dyeing Class  - the one with 17,4869 different resist tools and dyebaths galore.  And not only will you  resist dye your little heart as well as the hand felted wool, we will be learning several fabulous projects which will showcase your beautiful resist samples.
Here are some of our resist tools.
Add the dye master and dye pots
some of the fabulous resist felts that come out of the dye pots!
And here are some of the projects - wonderful, colorful and extremely useful resist-felt wrapped journals, leather lined with thrift store skirt findings.

Long Stitch bound resist felt wrapped journals and sketchbooks
How can you beat that purple leather lining!!

 You can make use of your precious button collection for closures on these books.  I'll be demonstrating about a dozen different types, including my favorite which makes use of found sticks and (ahem) driftwood from magical places.

Fort Casey Bench again

 Can you imagine the wood closures we can make from the driftwood on this beach right in front of our classroom?  I love finding interesting objects from wherever I am and then using them in the books and brooches I make there.  Opps, did I mention Brooches?  YES. I will teach you all how to make these fabulous pins from, what else? - our resist dyed felt pieces.  Add beads and stitching and learn how to make a backing from book board and silk or linen (all available from local thrift stores) and I will furnish some fabulous pin backs that feature a bail - a loop- so you can wear the brooch as a pin or necklace!!

 So are you interested?  I really am.  I've been teaching for years at the Pacific NorthWest Art School - formally known fondly as just Coupeville - and have totally fallen in love with the San Juan Islands and Whitby Island.  This workshop will be held on August 29 to September 1st and will be jam packed with learning and breathing the sea air.  You'll learn how to full fine merino needle punch batts, set up a safe dye kitchen, some simple chemistry of the dyes we use for the resist dyepots, how to use the resist tools to make amazing marks on the felt, how to overdye again and again, and then the books, the beautiful books and the brooches, and as I am writing this I am thinking of even more...how about an optional early morning hour long sketch class of the beach - and then binding that sketch into your book!!

Yikes, I am hyper-ventilating. I hope you join me.  Oh, how to join the class? Contact the folks at PNWAS:  email: info@pacificnorthwestartschool.org  or call them: 360-678-3396.  The workshop is limited to 10 or 12. So hurry.  email me with any questions; chad@chadalicehagen.com

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Not Dead, just Sleeping...

things I have been doing

I have been thinking, all these long winter months.  Thinking of which comfy chair should I take a nap, thinking of how many duvets and wooly blankets I would like to pile on top of my bed, thinking of warmth and wondering if the spring and summers I remember were really just a nice dream or remembrances of a movie I once saw.  I don't do winter well at all.  I do hibernation very well.
first drawing of my on-line class with Jane Lafazio

I did sign up for an on-line drawing in public class to get me out of the house and into the world of  chilly social living.  I bought paper and pens, and of course, had to figure out just the right containers for pencils that would fit into the just right art bag.  I love preparing for things.  It took days to get it all perfect.  I started with the above drawing of keys - our first assignment - the day before it was due. It took me four hours but I figured that was fine since I was entering a new phase of my artistic career.

I did do lesson #2 along with Jane and Susie Voorhees who were also taking the class.  Since it was in a cafe and we had coffee I was happy.  Lesson #3 was done about a week after it was due.  Lessons #4, #5, and #6 I have saved on my computer.  I just moved all my drawing tools, bags, paper, special brushes, bags and my three drawings out of the sunroom and back into the upstairs studio so that I can start on my taxes.  That's fine since I am entering a new phase of aggravation.

lovely upcycled leather mini books
I am still making books, or thinking about making books.  It's true.  I have moved some of the cat hair off my upstairs studio desk and found some new containers for things like pins, pens, pencils...  Did I mention that I love to prepare for things?

Teaching has been done in the midst of snow and chilly blasts - guilds in Boulder and in Potomac and a Winter Retreat right here in Asheville which was a bit blemished by the fact that the airlines lost my bags full of teaching stuff and the recent snowfall kept my ("no, it isn't a four wheel drive! Why would I get that?") SUV at the bottom of my driveway.  I was able to teach my last class on Sunday and found some fabulous buttons from a vendor which I used on several books. (instead of putting them in the special cabinet full of drawers that I got to organized my buttons and closures).
I really have excuses for not keeping up with a blog - the computer and all it's brain suck stuff -  Facebook, email, blogs of others, blogs of mine, paying bills, finding cheap stuff, looking at uTube, learning Twitter, finding some cool shoes, and the latest techno-shock to my remaining brain cell - my new iphone with the attendant Apps for everything except doing the dishes.
no app for cooking either
But the sun has been out. I saw it and took a picture with my iPhone.  I have been sleeping once again on the porch now that the danger from any stink bugs is gone.  I am finding a few in the home but they are mostly dead due to my deadly brain waves directed at them last fall. (I think that I am sounding a bit like Charlie Sheen!!) I am very happy that flowers are coming up, crocuses are blooming and I can stretch and yawn like the big northern hemisphere hiberating bear that I am.  All those patient people awaiting photos and class descriptions and any other requests of the last 3 months will be rewarded as soon as I can get some more cool plastic containers to organize the paperwork and get a new fountain pen with a tiny nib that I found on line and make a leather bound book in which to list all my lists and I learn the iphone "notes" app.