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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Where Have I Been?

Book Master @ Creative felt Gathering
And once again I have been wandering, up plane stairs and aisles, across craft school campuses, down fast food resturants.  Out teaching, I'm been.  And having a mighty fine time of it too! Since the last Blog (which I'm sorry to say was late July), I've driven up to Pittsburgh with my durable cousin Marien to teach Felted Scarves at the Society for Contemporary Craft,  then to the "interesting" town of Gatlinburg, TN, teaching at Arrowmont, leaving for home on Friday night, repacking Saturday and hitting the airport on Sunday for a week in Manchester, MI for the Creative Felt Gathering.  That experience was pretty dern wonderful.
Hats Galore at the CFG in Michigan
Two Fabulous Felters!  

Ellis from Holland was there teaching ( just visited her in the Spring - remember her alien eggs? And the whole felt camp was organized by glass fuser and felter Jone Rakowski.

And then there were a few days home when I slept and did my usual Fall-after-teaching-activity, repainting a room in my teeny house.  This time it was the  kitchen and I only have two walls really finished.  The rest will be covered in the lush, rich orchre paint sometime in October.  I am feeling that I rather paint than cook these days.
all ceramics & paintings down
A off color photo of painted wall
everything back in place
Friend Ikea-Rat helping out on the sidelines
I've been busy in the studio too.  Since most of my summer workshops have been of the Resist Dye and Bookmaking variety, I get a fair number of books, awww, maybe one book done during each class.  I love the new stick and leather loop closure for the Quick Wrap Journals.
Photos taken this morning before bug attack

And here's a cute little coptic book made up at Siever's School of Fiber Arts on Washington Island, WI when I taught there mid September.  The resist tool for the doggie is one of those cookie press shapes.
Jane and I are putting up our booth again at the John C. Campbell Folk School Fall Festival - Oct. 2 & 3.  I'll have all these books and as many other books and brooches I can get finished in 7 days! Jane will have her new Fall calendars and lots of new fabulous cards.  Although I just want to sleep in the cooler fall days on the screen porch, I must make more books.  And oddly enough, I am either being cursed by the gods for my laziness or being helped along to finish my books in Studio A by the new inhabitants on the porch...

Yesterday I discovered that my beloved screen porch was being infested, taken over really, by Soldier Bugs - which are stink bugs that don't stink (small mercies, I suppose).  I noticed that super-bug-hunting kitty Scooter was staring at large dark things on the wall and when I looked closer - uuurrrggg!!! A big creepy bug that flew!  I started squishing away with multiple sheets of paper napkins, but I was outnumbered and terrorized.  I had to sleep inside for the first time since March.

This morning I gathered my guts to see what new armies were mobilized during the night and found the porch curtains were providing a safe haven.  I had at that point, determined that I would have to burn the porch off the house and start all over when my wonderful garage/wood workshop renter Jeremy drove in.  "Oh Jeremy", I quavered. "Would you like to squish some bugs for me?"  "Why sure, littl' lady." He replied and so we brought out the heavy guns - a big plastic bowl with lid and dish soap and proceeded to get all 50 or so critters dead in the suds.  Actually, I stood in the doorway and cringed.  What a Pal.  I gave him Book 39 as a reward and he promised to return tomorrow. I promise to work hard and faithfully on my books and brooches from now on.  Come visit us in Brasstown at the JCC Festival!  Everything, including my soul, is for sale!!

Three creepy bugs in plastic prison so I could go online and ID them.


  1. You are very brave! I don't really mind bugs, but when they are in great numbers I get a little freaky! I imagine the humidity in NC will give you some interesting specimens. Books look great though. Perhaps a Entomology-inspired line of books???!

  2. Loved meeting you, and taking your fabulous classes at the Creative Felt Gathering in Manchester...What a fantastic week. I've lost all of my friends since returning home due to the fact that I've talked of nothing else. Just kidding about the friends part, but so enjoyed my time at camp!!! Have nothing but great things to say about your teaching style...Fun, funny, knowledgeable, wise and giving of your time and talents...Thank you so much. By the way, those feltmakers at the top of your post look like real characters:-)

  3. Wow, sounds as though you've been crazy busy. Love your books. We're being invaded by stink bugs too. The ones that seem to make it into the house I've been getting with the vacuum - uurgh hate the things.

  4. Love your new books...multiple bugs spook the heck out of me too! You have my sympathy!

  5. Yellow jackets out this way, Chad, and they're {{{carnivorous}}} at this time of year...think I'd rather have your bugs!

    Looking good over here - nice paint job & LUV the new dealy-wob wood closures. Want me to look for some *island* twigs for you?

    Big "Hello" to Jane!

  6. Oh Chad-Your post sure made my day! I had nasal surgery on Wed for a deviated septum and I'm still feeling fairly pitiful. Imagine my delight when I finally got back online and saw the photos of Jan and myself in healthier times!! Thanks for making me smile through my pain!! Hugs and love--

  7. I love your blog! Such colours and beauty!