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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

No Rest For the Wicked

Today, July 7th, I am packing to leave once again before the crack of dawn - off to another adventure in the life of the traveling, drive by workshop instructor. This time I am heading to San Antonio to teach the Airey Fairy Scarf (much needed in air conditioned Texas!) and a whole day of hand-felted jewelry forms - snakes and beads which can be embellished to one's contented heart's limit once dry.

But before any packing could be done, I had to repaint the floor of Studio B (B for Basement).  I do this every two years instead of washing the floor.  It just feels so good to have that pristine space. However then I have to run after students with a towel lest they drip some foul water on my new floor.  I sweep every day.  And then I start to pack.
Summer is my busiest teaching time and the busiest in the dye kitchen as just about anything that was white has to be turned into fabulous color.
I've also been busy up in Studio A (the office/tv room/bead storage/room with ceiling fan) beading and stitching all those half finished projects from the last workshops, and trying out some new ideas for upcoming classes.
Coptic small book started in Holland...
A yummy leather and felt wrapped journal...
and more of the quick wrapped felt journals.

I have finally started to sell my books, now that I am feeling like the little ole lady in a shoe with all these "children" about.  Next project is to set up a shop on Big Cartel and list the books and brooches and artworks and even pieces of resist dyed felt.  I just really want to be a shop keeper, truth be known, so I can endlessly arrange the 'product' on shelves and tables.  I dream of having an old fashioned - mostly seen on tv shows like the ancient Gunsmoke, which formed my childhood ideas of how the world worked - type of storefront.  That's my idea of a grand life.  Sitting in the back room drinking coffee around the pot bellied stove and listening for the tinkle of the front door when another friendly customer comes in, ready to fill her basket with beautiful things and bring juicy gossip from the outside. ahhh.
But no one buys my sweet kitty Leon! His job will be to sit on the polished wooden counter and be loved.


  1. Really enjoyed your posts Chad. thanks. (still grinning..)
    Looking forward to work with you in Michigan soon.
    .. well.. or just talk..

  2. You AND Elis in one spot?...on THIS continent?...sure wish I had mighty wings!

  3. I would love to buy a piece of your beautiful felt to bead on...please add a link when you get it all listed?

  4. Meravigliosa Chad, non verrai mai in Italia ad insegnarci i tuoi books straordinari? Se vivessi in America correrei da te!

  5. WHAT A CAT!
    The dyed colours are just dreamy Chad!

  6. The color you get when dyeing are just gorgeous. I have just started dyeing my own fibers--do you use wax as a resist? I live off the beaten track and I haven't seen a workshop teaching work like yours in Ireland...do you do online courses? I am not sure how well online would work for me, but I would give it a shot to try and produce such luscious felt! Kerryfelter

  7. Hello Kerryfelter/Sharon,
    Thanks for your comments. The surface on the wool felt is resist dyed, a process that includes lots of weird tools and many dye baths. I have taught this twice in Ireland, and may be back again. I believe there is an Irish felting group - and they were the ones who sponsored my trip.

    I don't do on-line courses as the steps and processes are too hard to do without hands-on and all the equipment. I'll let you know when I come through Ireland again, and it will be on my blog, so sign up!


  8. miz Chad, if you were to teach in Ireland again, I'd trip along over there in a heartbeat :>]]

    KerryFelter, **luscious** is precisely the best descriptor!