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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Flying Through Time

I keep thinking that I have written a new blog entry.  I write in my mind at airports, while trying to sleep on planes, waiting for the coffee to come out of the new miracle coffee machine.  Then I look at my real blog and wonder where all those great ideas and sparkling turns of phrase have gone.  I think my new motto is "If I can imagine it, it is already done."

Lots has been happening at ye olde homestead.  Above is my new drop leaf table from Old North State's moving sale.  Now I can have dinner parties.  Maybe.  If someone comes and cooks.  I just love how the morning light comes through the bamboo blinds and settles gentle...on the cat hair, as this is Scooter's favorite place to lay on her back and hope for a scratch from passing humans. I love to arrange the rooms in this cottage of mine to look welcoming, like Martha Stewart would have 'done' them.  Lovely book filled living rooms where no one sits.  Gracious and cosy dining nooks where no one eats.  A kitchen full of hand thrown ceramics that gather dust.  Meanwhile I spend all my time eating and making books in front of either the tv screen or this computer.  Where do others find the time to cook and entertain, and most importantly, dust?

Since the last blog we have gone to New York City, the Big Apple, Hell in a Handbag.
Jane, Susie, Marion and I had a road trip north that wandered through Hampton, VA for a day so I could teach at the Art & Soul Conference which was pretty dern wonderful.  The bright spot in my road trip.  I taught a one day Bark Scarf Workshop where the 20 !!! students fulled my hand dyed
merino needle felts into scarf lengths, stitched and pulled stitches and we dyed them all in beautiful deep colors. Ahh.

But the next day we drove relentlessly towards THE CITY.  I just am not a friend of NYC especially after I had been worn out by that day of intense teaching.  Things got darker in my head as we went through the tunnel.  We would be robbed, murdered, my car would be stolen, smashed, we would all end up on America's Most Wanted as victims of some henious crime, which I knew about as I faithfully watch CSI-NY several times a week.

We found the street on which our second choice hotel was located - in the East Village.  The hotel was called Sanctuary of something or the other, so I figured we'd be safe there. Their web site showed framed pictures of Blue Krishnas in all the rooms.  Of course I had not figured on our room would open right on the street right next door to the New York City Branch Headquarters of Hell's Angels!! In case you may think I exaggerate a bit...I had to take a picture, along with the rest of the tourists (who were allowed only two photos each by the thug who guarded the sitting bench in front)
 It was a bit reassuring to have them next door, like terrifying uncles who just got out of prison but are still on probation. You watch them.  They watch you.

There were a few other scary places - like the Natural History Museum which I have loved forever since I discovered Roy Chapman Andrews in my monthly selection of All About Books in the 1950's
Since the main purpose of our road trip was to see Little Susie, daughter of Big Susie graduate from Cooper Union, we attended the ceremony but then left the Susies so to find a decent bar and take pictures of each other.  Here is Marion taking pictures of the huge pints of some other beer other than Guinness. After several pints of this lovely brew and mountains of sweet potato fries, New York City seemed to look a bit better.
And that was the month of May!

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