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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

On the Road Again

 Well, it's that time - time to load the two 50 pound suitcases and the 35 pound carry-on and the 20 pound purse and the coat with pockets bulging with last minute teaching necessities, load it all into the car and make that 20 minute drive to the airport. And it feels a lot like the above photo of Scooter trying to fit into a tiny boxtop. It's teaching season.  One of my favorite seasons next to spring and sitting on the porch seasons.

I've been preparing new book making classes for almost 3 months now.  New handouts, new projects,  tearing stacks of text blocks, putting together sets of tools for the students. Worrying.  Wondering if I really know what I am doing.  Wondering if I am too old for this.  Wondering what I would do it I couldn't take my show on the road and teach?
I'm heading to Ann Arbor tomorrow morning to teach folks from the Ann Arbor Fiber Guild.  My good friend and fabulous cook, Anna Flora, will meet me at the Detroit airport hopefully with a decent gin&tonic.  The old Detroit airport, before it's face lift, always reminded me of being back at grad school at nearby Cranbrook.  I just love the current airport with it's alien sound tunnel and fabulous fountain.  It's clean!!  No broken seats or torn wallpaper. (one notices many things while awaiting the 4th cancellation of one's flight).

One of the book projects we'll be doing in Ann Arbor will be this mighty useful wrapped journal.  It's quick, easy ( I hope ) and no one else will have anything like it.  I did a sample class at my studio two weeks ago with Marien, Susie, and Jane.  They made some very wonderful books (considering that I gave them the dregs of my resist felt pieces which which to make those books). They are so kind to me!
There is a strange thing I notice that happens just before I leave on a journey and just before I return.  My mind just moves on to the next place.  Body sitting here in front of computer writing this blog so it can cross it off the list and brain is at the airport, fiddling with the itouch.  I just hope I can hold it together for a few more hours as I do need to henna the hair, iron the clothes, stuff the final bag and find the tickets.  But my brain is on the road already. 

And when I am ready to return, my mind again beats my body back to the screen porch. Just like Marien here awaiting her turn for last Sunday's porch haircuts.

Oh my. It's already so late and the henna needs two hours to soak in, and the cable company has had an accident somewhere and so there is no tv.  And there are still loads of un-scratched off tasks to do before 9 am tomorrow morning - 12 hours away.  I guess I'll just have to finish up these delightful strawberry daiquiris and try to iron. And try to think of tomorrow morning with coffee on the porch and hair the color of the sunrise, ready to hit the road.

Opps - almost forgot.  I just scheduled a three day Studio Retreat here in  my studio in June.  Three days of resist dyeing and making books and stitching and beading on the - where else - the porch!  See side bar for more information.


  1. Heh Chad, I am soooo excited to have you come out west & teach us about making those wee books - LUV them. What lucky friends you have, to be *coerced* into a sample class!


  2. oh, you are a very busy woman......have a good time!!!

  3. maybemaybemaybe I'll see you at Joke's


  4. Your work is wonderful and I just love your porch...I just made my first two stitched leather journals and am looking forward to making some fabric bound books...thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Greetings!!! Hi, I was browsing your blog and I love what I see!!! Thank you for the inspiration...what you are doing is very unique and truly one of a kind!