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Monday, March 15, 2010

It Could be Worse

It certainly is hard to stay away from this computer. When I make my coffee in the morning (a highlight of the day) I also feed the cats, turn on their water fountain and then sit down here in this sometimes sunny room and check email - answer some, delete some but there is always something that needs further checking and answering: the teaching gigs, exhibits, and questions about just about everything.

Then I check the 20-30 blogs I watch to see if anyone has anything interesting published- and once there, I mostly likely head off down some rabbit hole of interest - I particularly like several blogs about weird museums around the world and odd things. Then I'm off to my Face Book page to see if anyone has responded on my profile page, and then to 'home' page to check out the most recent info of who is friends with who, etc. You know the scene by now. Finally I check my new blog to see if I have another follower and how many people have visited.

Then back to the email, have any more come in???? and if they have, I write responses. So I am sitting here, still in my bathrobe at 11:40am, two more swallows of cold coffee and I am wondering where my to do list is and why I am still sitting here. 
Sometimes I feel like I am spending my life just trying to get things done - the taxes, the vet, bills, groceries, finding enough teaching, making artwork and figuring out how to sell it, cleaning the house, feeding me and the cats... the circle goes on and on, until a day comes like one did last week - finally in the 60's and I am laying on the futon on the unfinished for Spring screened porch and wondering about living in the moment, like the story about the dog who just runs out of the house without a care in the world, no extra bone in his mouth for later dinners, no map to see where he is going, no list of to-dos, no raincoat or watch. But he is perfectly happy and probably enjoying life more than I am.
I have a folder of mostly old European kitchens that I like to look at and wonder about a life that consists of drinking coffee by the casement window in the morning, heading out with my wheeled cart to the market for the day's food, stopping and talking to friends doing the same, and then returning and preparing that same food, warm bread, fresh cheeses and veggies, making dinner for family and friends who wander in about dinner time and share a few bottles of wine.
Photo of Bay Leaf on Rust Dyed Felt project

Big Sigh. I am finding in my old age that wine doesn't agree with me so much and the gin and tonic has become the staple in my evenings. And I also find that from 5pm to midnight is my ideal work time, stitching felt, tearing paper, planning new books. And forget the whole part of the year when it is cold and grey - winter. I might as well send out hibernation notices to friends as I am unbearable (odd phrase as I am being very bear-like). But days finally come when the temps go up, the sun is shining and the air becomes so soft, a very distinctive feel that says, "yes, I've come back to the world of the living". Maybe I ate too many pomegranates this winter? 

Must get dressed and cleaned and fed for outside activities now. I wave to the mailman in his truck, who, when I greet him at the door for my packages and apologize for being in my bathrobe, says "I've seen worse. 
Photo of newest Bark Scarf
Photo: Cover of FeltBook #12 waiting for the text block.


  1. good morning chad,
    sorry, my english is not good, i don't understand all what you have write.....
    but i have understand how looks your morning.....coffee, computer, slowly beginning....
    it's the same like me, i must be very disciplinated....blog,mailbox,facebook, all ok from 7 -8 early in the morning!(sometimes - 9 o'clock....)
    it's a wonderful slowly start in the day, isn't it??!!
    have a happy day,chad :)

  2. Now, that's funny! I got the biggest chuckle out of your mail carrier's response. Wonder what you'd have to do to top the list:-)

  3. Yes, the computer is the ultimate Black Hole. But it would be a shame to abandon it, as occasionally good stuff comes in that way (like your blog!). Love your mailman's comment.

  4. I bet he has stories to tell :o)! I too am lost in the black hole in the a.m. What are we to do, I ask? Do we continue to lament or embrace this routine. Begone guilt, I say!

  5. I'll bet we all have the same morning routine...Strong coffee and catch up on email. I actually feel like my feltmaking friends, whether local or on another continent are some of my best friends. I also feel like checking in on some of my favorite blogs...O.K., so this morning it amounted to 19, is educational. Almost like mini workshops and so inspirational. Many times I'll read something Andrea or you, Chad, have written in your blog and one of you are preparing to work in the studio for the day on a big project, and I'll say to myself, "Dawn, you don't need to clean this dirty old house... Now, get off your fanny and make something:-) "

  6. Hello Chad, great to find your blog!!!
    Your book about felt hats is one of my favourits :0)

    Greetings from Germany, Anja

  7. Just found your new blog and it's wonderful!! Your cunning little books are perfection.